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[HoA] Alistar Nightingale-Snow by Maulise
[HoA] Alistar Nightingale-Snow
it's the 30th for me, so posting this up a bit early o3o~ Hopefully I haven't missed anything~

Finally mostly finished with precious little Alis for HoA <3 I adore this little babe, despite all the trouble he's been giving me with his design and information cx Fairly happy with the art, but I know I can do better when I'm more used to my new tablet. For now, I just wanted this sheet finished :3 Little whiskers <3 Writing this taught me that there is a Kb limit on descriptions 0-o Oops. Some things will be linked to avoid issues ><; Still toying with changing a couple things here and here, feedback welcome~

Since shading changed his base coloration by a good bit, the full size with just the flats can be found here.

Massive thanks to vi-vify for constantly coping with my pestering with ALL THE THINGS. Luv u hon, can't wait to see Vivian eue~

Also, equally big thanks to RosiArts for taking the time to smooth out and refine my shading, while I don't have my tablet due to travel. It looks a lot smoother and paintier now ;3; Excuse me while I re-steal your brush settings <3


Art and character are mine, all rights reserved, yadah yadah.


Name: Alistar Nightingale-Snow
Nickname(s): Alis, Star, Little Fluff, Snowbird (by Vivian)
Biological Gender: Male
Gender Identity: Genderfluid
Age: 5 years
  • Winter 13, 235
Aura: Mediator, INFP
Disability: Blind due to genetic mutation
Other: Synesthesia - ability to 'see' sounds. H
e can extremely easily place people by their voices, breathing, or even the way they walk as it ‘looks’ different: everyone has their distinct shapes and colors, usually linked to their aura and magic.


House: Cervices
Hometown: Travista
  • Despite knowing little else, Alis enjoys living in Travista, particularly benefiting from the vast resources of books in Braille, both in his home and the libraries. He greatly enjoys the scientific atmosphere of the city, especially its labs, loving the times his mother takes him to work with her. That being said, despite his nature, Alistar grew up fairly sheltered by his parents, and has rarely been around the poorer areas of his hometown. His sensitive sense of smell makes him averse to raw fish, so he’s naturally avoided going to the fishing docks. He loves going to the forested areas of the city to play his music, favoring a particular tree in a small forest-park near his home. He’s both excited and nervous at the prospect of starting public education, rather than learning by himself with his mother's help.
Job :
  • Student
  • Lab Tech [Assists his Mother]

Fighting Ability

Fighting style
  • Alistar, the little pacifist he is at his current age, is much more likely to flee, than fight, if his silver tongue is unable to solve any given issue. If it comes to it, however, the little guy is most likely to use magic, in one way or another, to distract or stun. He is very unlikely to be provoked into purposefully harming another creature.
Magic - Level 0
Magical focus: Mixed
Skills: None

Skill Set
  • Speed - 6 / 10 : Alistar always remains naturally small and very lithe, giving him a very distinct edge over larger animals. However, it's not an aspect of his skill set he intensively focuses on - all he needs his speed for, beyond day-to-day life is evasion, from where he can run away, or get to a vantage point. While he can use his hearing and various other senses to detect the positions of others, he has difficulty with this when smaller, more light-pawed animals are involved.

  • Endurance - 4 / 10 : Due to his size, however, he is much more of a sprinter than a marathoner; if he has to, however, he can pace himself and run a reasonable distance, albeit he'll likely be rather sore the next day, depending on the length of the run. That being said, he tends to regain his energy fairly quickly if he doesn't over-exert himself, so sprinting short distances in tandem is usually his best bet.

  • Magic - 10 / 10 : Magic is one of Alistar's largest interests and has been from a very young age. It's one of the only things that he really enjoys that isn't affected by his disability, one way or another. Even his music is something that's tougher for him, due to sheet music being hard to process. For this reason, this small fox has invested an immense amount of time into learning things about magic. A particular interest of his is the relationship between magic and science, how the two interact, and what place they have in each other's spheres. He believes that intertwining magic and science more intimately than ever before could lead to massive breakthroughs in the future.

  • Defense - 1 / 10 : With his tiny stature, even in his prime, Alistar's fur is the only thing that can protect him, as he's not adept in close combat. Despite being very thick and soft, it can do little to help him in close-quarter battle, protecting him from bruising and, if lucky, minor scrapes. Due to agility and speed being his prime strength in close-quarter, he avoids wearing anything cumbersome that could bring him a disadvantage, regardless of the protection it could bring.

  • Strength - 1 / 10 : As mentioned, he is very weak in physical combat. He's not able to wield weapons beyond daggers, and, even with that, he'd be better at skinning a carcass than using it against someone. His claws are the only thing he has any real experience with, but any damage he'd be able to do would be more based on luck than skill, though his agility would be an aid.

  • Tactics - 5 / 10 : Despite being an intelligent little guy, Alistar's ability to formulate valid tactics is limited, for several reasons. Firstly, due to his lack of visualization, his perception of the entire picture of a situation can be limited, as he has less input to depend on. Secondly, he's not immensely violent, by nature - it's much more in his instincts to nurture and aid, so battle tactics were never a massive topic of interest in his reading. When people he cares about get hurt, however, he starts caring less about staying pacifist, doing everything in his power to protect his loved ones. Most of his ideas come from a logical basis. rather than any reading his done, so his plans may be hit-and-miss, situation-depending. For this reason, he typically attempts to stay level-headed, consulting with others before taking action. This won't always be the case, however, as his emotions may get the better of him.


Species: Domestic red fox ([platina] pink champagne color morph)
Overall Image:
  • Alistar is a small, slim fox for his age, his surprisingly thick, silky-soft fur the main thing fleshing out his frame. His paws and ears are too large for him due to his still-young age, at times looking rather quirky and mismatched; tail is surprisingly full and long, rather than scruffy. Despite his small size, however, he’s still lithely muscled, allowing him to travel rather quickly from one place to another while retaining a rather high degree of endurance. Due to his slight frame and fairly gentle, elegant manner, he’s not particularly masculine in stature.This has gotten him mistaken for female time and time again, often perpetuated by his most common nickname, Alis. At first glance, he could be mistaken for an albino, but, under closer inspection, his light coat resembles a creamy champagne color that fades to a near-white towards his paws, his paw-pads and nose a pastel liver-pink. Both his muzzle and claws, much like his skin, are lightly tinted pink. Alis' eyes are a soulful sky-blue, of light pastel tones you may be familiar with from lazy summer days, the pupils a slightly darker tone than the iris.
Notable Features:

  • Blind baby blue eyes, pupils are only a few tones darker than the eye
  • Freckle-like ticking on limbs and muzzle; the latter causes slight marbling on his nose
  • Fur is extremely silky and soft
  • 2 beauty marks under left eye
  • White on his underside forms a heart-like marking under his tail
  • Dorsal line that ends near the base of his tail
  • A fresh claw mark scar from the side of his neck to shoulder, typically hidden in his thick fur
Accessories & Items:
  • Pan Flute [12 note]
  • Blue Scarf
  • Messenger bag

  • Typically none, may wield a hunting knife or dagger if absolutely necessary; may use staffs in the future



  • Mental health - 70%

While fairly mentally-sound and stable, Alis does have issues related to his self-confidence and self-sufficiency. He dislikes the idea of others needing to cater to him because of his issues, especially if he feels he can’t give anything in return. For this reason, he’s always tended to being a loner, worried of what other people could think of him because of his weakness. He sometimes fears that the people he cares for and loves would be better off without him, or that he doesn’t deserve him, concerned that they may be staying around only due to pity. He's somewhat prone to anxiety attacks, though tends to be able to recuperate on his own, having learned techniques from his mother.
Additionally, Alistar has a degree of OCPD that is linked to his blindness. Everything must be clean and in its place, otherwise he’ll experience varying levels of anxiety struggling to find an item or clean and organize a messy area.

  • Physical health - 85%

Well-pampered and taken care of by his family, Alistar has few issues beyond his inability to see. His sensitive nose often causes allergy-like reactions to strong smells, however, which causes him to be evasive of them. Despite being fairly good with navigation, considering his limitations, he’s somewhat accident-prone, especially in unfamiliar areas, sometimes resulting in him having small scrapes and bruises all over.

  • Fears:

Phonophobia /  Lygrophobia - While not  to an extreme level, Alistar has a fear of loud noises. Due to hearing being one of the primary senses he relies on, he can rarely predict when a loud noise is going to happen. They often catch him by surprise, startling him and in some cases starting a mild anxiety attack.He is also sensitive to certain noises and pitches regardless of volume, many of which cause him to squirm. (One of these is crumbly parchment, so he keeps all of his books in good condition). This phobia goes further than that, however. Alis has a fear of losing his hearing, panicking at the idea of having to survive without it, and the synesthesia it brings him.

Brontophobia - Despite loving the sounds of rain, storms and thunder make Alistar uneasy, often triggering his anxiety attacks. The persistent loud noises often have him hiding in a small place somewhere, curled up into a ball with his scarf acting as a safety blanket. It’s not simply the noise, however - after a strong storm, many of the scents that help him navigate are washed away, making it harder for the little fox to get around.


| Analytical | Easily-Dismissive | Hyper-Focused | Intelligent | Prone to Mental Leaps |

When it comes to learning, Alistar is extremely curious and invested into it, and always has been from a young age. He’s always had an excellent memory due to his inability to see - needing to remember where any given item is placed, or the layout of an area ; this means that things that interest Alis are very much easily committed to memory.

That being said, he’s fairly selective in the things he enjoys -  he tends to hyperfocus on topics of interest, almost to the extent of perseveration. He can spend many hours at a time reading or attempting experiments on a topic of interest, sometimes even falling asleep out of exhaustion. Some part of his efforts are based on his desire to prove himself, his attempts to prove that he’s not a liability, despite his weaknesses.
He’s easily dismissive of things that strain to hold his interest for whatever reason, however, and he struggles to learn on those topics even if he does commit the time. Some examples of these are History and Geography. He's also not a big fan of complex mathemetics, and, by extension, physics.

Due to the prolonged times he can spend simply reading, he’s grown to be rather intelligent, and is eager to continue to learn. His analytical mindset is extremely helpful in helping him pursue his interests, but it does not come without its problems. The young fox finds it difficult to focus on conversations that don’t immediately spark his interest, which regularly causes him to go off thinking on tangents based on something that was mentioned by the other party. This tangent, at that, is often very minorly related to the original topic of discussion, his mind being wired in a somewhat-odd way. Even when he doesn’t go off on a mental tangent, he at times gets absorbed with the images his synesthesia gives him, distracted by them like an average cub his age would be by a bug.

| Academic | Curious | Creative | Introverted |  Persuasive | Protective | Still a Cub | Stubborn | Sarcastic |

This small fox can be surprisingly persuasive around those he's at-ease around. He's very well-worded, and the literature that he's read in the past gives him good perspective on a range of subjects. That being said, he usually keeps his skill to debates, rather than manipulating others, unless he feels that it's a particular neccesity. Alis has convinced his father to seek medical help in the past, despite his stubbornness against it, amongst other positive things.

Despite all of his ‘serious’ traits, and being mature for his age (at least when it comes to his studies), Alistar isn’t, when he doesn’t have to be. When he’s not off in the pursuit of knowledge, he’s exactly like you’d expect a cub of his age to be; something that is rather surprising if you've seen him in a serious setting. Much like a cub, he's extremely tactlie, and has little self-preservation instinct.

He’s extremely curious, and tends to investigating anything that catches his interest - something that, more often than not, gets him into some form of trouble. Alis is stubborn - he’ll keep at something for a long time if it’s something he really wants, even if chances of success start to feel slim. He may not always realize when it’s time to give up on a prospect or idea, and may need a friendly nudge to reach that conclusion.

His introversion means that he can be very awkward and even fluster-prone with people he doesn’t really know, or may not want to talk to. He may be shy at times, though that’s often a misconception on the part of other people, as he’s rarely vocal around strangers.  That being said, some people he does tend to be shy around, often around those he has reason to respect. His normal manner of speech around those he knows is rather relaxed, occasionally riddled with sarcasm if the mood or situation calls for it. 

The few people he keeps close he gets extremely attached to, tending to get very protective of them. Those are also the people who most often see his true personality - that of a somewhat-awkward and playful cub, just looking for his own place in the world, with a tendency to get into many types of trouble.

Alistar also loves music and composing, in a large part due to discovering his synesthesia was really well-suited to playing and composing melodies, so it’s something he tends to pursue in his free time, often carrying his pan flute around in his bag. He also enjoys singing, but he’s very shy about it, and next to never does it around others, unless he loses himself in an activity and starts to hum.

|Avoidant | Compulsive Liar| Emotional | Obsessive over tidiness |Prone to Overthinking | Reserved | Self-critical |

As mentioned prior, Alis is obsessive over keeping things in order, and things being in a chaotic state tend to make him anxious. For this reason, he keeps things in their own place, often getting frustrated if things are moved without his permission.

Whenever he’s not focusing on something else, he tends to overthink the various things that may be troubling him at any giving moment, his invasive self-critical thoughts having a tendency to make his uncertanties and worries worse, or out of proportion. He dislikes putting his troubles onto others by talking about them, which often causes him to bottle up his emotions. Despite knowing the consequences, he often does so anyway, worrying that talking too much about his issues would make people think less of him. Alis, however, is a rather emotional cub, sometimes having reactions to seemingly-minor things, and is often very empathetic of those he is close to.

When it comes to situations that Alis is shy, or feels awkward about... if he thinks he can get away with it, he'll always lie to get past it, whether it's denying something ever happened, or getting out of a conversation completely. At times, this makes it seem like the little guy has avoidance issues. Perhaps he might, he's been avoiding thinking about it.


Lucian Nightingale  | father | red fox (cross color moph) | Vulux | Blacksmith | Former Military Captain
Reana Snow | mother | domestic red fox (platina silver color morph) | Cervices | Scientist


Alistar's father,  Lucian Nightingale, is from Vulux , a former military man while his mother, Reana Snow,  is a scientist from Cervices. After they had formed a bond, they settled down together in Travista for a number of years before finally making the decision to get married. A year or so later, his mother became pregnant with him, but his father was called back by his house on formal military business. By the time he returned, Alistair had been born.There were some rather serious complications with the birth, and Reana is likely unable to have any more cubs.

Lucian was somewhat disheartened by the development of his only child, his firstborn, being blind - both what it would mean for his own standing and his child's future. Despite this, however, he quickly grows attached to his little kit and his fairly unusual manner, often playing with the little fluffball.

At that point, Lucian made the choice to formally resign from the military, wishing to stay close to his family so he could put his all into raising his little son. When he was young, Alistar was taught to get around and navigate by his father, getting around on all fours to take advantage of all his senses to get a good a sense of his location as he could. To start with, he had a tendency to hold on to his father’s tail with his mouth. When he had gotten a bit older, Reana decided to give him a feather so he could gain the confidence to get around by himself by holding it in his mouth as a replacement. For this reason, Alis loves feathers to this day, and their feel and texture are very calming to him; he also still prefers to get around on all fours more often than not.

Reana encouraged him to be capable and adventurous in many other ways, despite his blindness, and trying her best not to coddle him too much, though wasn’t always successful in the venture. Both she and her Lucian had a tendency to be really protective of Alis, so he’s grown up somewhat sheltered.

As he found it hard to keep up with cubs his age, his parents pushed him towards music, hoping it's something he could enjoy. He took to it very easily, partially due to his synesthesia and ability to ‘see’ sounds, music being one of the prettiest thing he could see. He especially favored the pan flute, an instrument he often carries around with him to this day. It was due to this instrument that he first accidentally displayed his magical ability, at around just a year old. While playing, he projected the images the music ‘showed’ him, creating a pretty little illusion in the air, much to the shock of Lucian, who was looking after him at the time. Since then, he's taken to other instruments, but he still loves the pan flute for its mobility, and being the first thing he'd learned to play.

When he got closer to schooling age, his mother started to teach him, having made arrangements for her little cub to be schooled at home. Alistar took to Braille, and learning, in general rather easily and quickly, showing a lot of interest in both magic and science, very eager to learn on the subjects, but struggling with others.
As he grew from a kit into a young teenager, Lucian decided to teach him some of the ways of his house to make his son stronger, re-living the lessons he’d had to go through at that age, himself. He did this without telling his wife; he wanted his firstborn to have something from his house implanted within him, despite having long-decided that Alistair belonged in Cervices, with his blindness and soft disposition. He didn’t want him to grow up too soft, however, so he started training him to fight by using his other senses, getting somewhat self-absorbed in it. However, a little while into the secret training, Lucian ended up accidentally clawing his own son rather badly from his lower neck to his collarbone. They had made the mistake of atempting to train on the wet grass, and Lucian had not given up the old habit of keeping his claws sharpened; the rest was history, as they say. His mother, who had come home to find Alis bloodied, had a serious discussion with her spouse. After talking a bit to their son, they came to the decision that it was best to send him to study in the Travistan school, rather than being home-schooled.

His parents wanted him to start adapting to living life as any normal teenager would, as they wouldn’t be able to partially protect him his entire life. Much as they always encouraged him to be independent, which helped him become his current inquisitive, surprisingly strong-willed self, they still made allowances for him; they will continue to help him in the ways he needs it. He's lead a fairly comfortable life up until then, and they weren't about to put him through more hardship that they felt was needed.

Alistar is somewhat hesitant at the prospect of needing to leave his shelter, his home, daily, but in some ways, he’s curious about the new experiences bound to come his way. As hesitant as he is to meet others his age, with how different he’d be from them, he has some desire to start forming bonds with others, despite his introverted nature.  At this point, he's only really close to his parents, and the prospect of getting to know others may open new things for him.

Major Moments:

Will be hyperlinked as I write these up in short story format, so that I can take my time with them; also to avoid size limit issues.

  • Young kithood : Learning to get around
  • Kithood : Learning to play the pan flute; first accidental show of magic
  • Young Cubhood: Learning to read; starting to learn from his mother
  • Cubhood: First Venture outside on his own; stuck out in a thunderstorm and rescued by his father
  • Late Cubhood: Homeschooling begins; first trip to his mother's place of work
  • Young Teenager: First Sparring Session with his father
  • Young Teenager: Last Session with his father; Injury, transfer to the local school
  • Young Teenager: First Day of School ; meeting with Vivian (RP?)

Current relationships:

Lucian Nightingale 


Alistar is surprisingly very much a daddy's cub, and his father's son, in some ways. As much as the fox admires his mother, his father, in a large part, was the one who raised him. Even though it took Lucian a while to completely accept his son's disability, he doesn't love his little fluff any less. In fact, the former military fox is surprisingly protective of him, and often spoils him. They have had an extremely close bond for many years, which can be somewha surprising, with the differences they have. Alis has the utmost respect for the older fox, and is most likely to come to him for advice, or even talk about his worries, something he very rarely does with anyone. He is actually one of the few people that knows how much of a soft pushover the scarred, gruff-looking fox can be. Lucian still feels guilty for scarring his son, even though he doesn't appear to care or mind in the least. Alistar is as close to his father as ever, despite the older fox attempting to put some distance between them after the incident. 

Reana Snow


Despite being very much the more distant and serious parent, Reana really cares for her son, being stricter and more serious with him so he'd have a more well-rounded upbringing, in contrast to his father. Alistar very much admires his mother's intelligence and research, in many ways wanting to be like her when he grows up. Despite her spending many late hours at work, and Lucian often being the only parent that spent time raising him beyond his education, nothing could replace Reana for the young fox. The vixen is his rolemodel, and, in some way, his hope for the future; the idea that, one day, his disability wouldn't matter as much to others, and he could be as helpful and intelligent as her. He very much knows about his mother's soft side, however, and has spent quite a few evenings playing for her while she painted. These are some of Alistar's fondest memories with her.


Sexual & Romantic Orientation: Uncertain
Relationship Status : Single, not looking
Current Attraction: N/A

Roleplay Information

Time Zone: GMT + 2 at the moment [GMT most of the year]

Note: Most likely not.
Skype: Maybe; if I don't already have you on Skype, likely not, sorry.
Email: Most likely not.
Google Docs: Sure! Preferred
Chat:Only with group-related events; I have issues with the platform constantly freezing.
Comments: No, sorry.

RP Example: Boop [Opening post detail level with stream-of-conciousness due to character personality. Subsequent posts depend on who I'm rping with, and the level of detail I'm given in my partner's post :3 I rarely give less than a paragraph or two unless the situation calls for it, however.]

Other RP notes:

I'm afraid I'll be somewhat picky in terms of rp partners, due to time constraints (I have a trip to Italy planned in the near future, and summer is coming to a close, meaning I need to head back to University). I would rather keep active and high quality in a smaller number of RPs, rather than spreading myself too thin - I like getting in at least a dozen posts on a non-busy day, if possible. This means you need to be close to, or above my RP level, and either have a plot in mind, or be willing to work one out with me. I'm not currently interested in/looking for roleplay with future romance as a goal; Alis is too young to even think of settling down, nor is he anywhere near mentally ready for a relationship o3o That being said, I consider myself a fairly open/friendly person, so do feel free to talk to me if you feel your character could be interesting in interactions with him. He is rather young, so plot points in general may be a bit harder to come up with for him, since pretty much all of the characters I've seen around are (young) adults, rather than teenagers. I'm sure we can figure something out, though; Alistar will be venturing out more now that he's started his education.

If you wish for something to (seriously) affect Alis within an RP, whether emotionally or physically, please do consult with me first, though I'm sure most of you already know that <3

Do's and Don'ts:

Script: No, not unless OOC/crack, or planning/outlining for a proper RP
One-Liners: No, not interested, sorry.
Semi-Literate: Sure! [~1-3 paragraphs]
Literate | Paragraph: Sometimes. I enjoy it, but it does take a good bit of time investment. Feel free to ask~ [4+ paragraphs]
First Person: Never, sorry.

Cursing/Mature Themes: Will depend on the scenario; I'm over 18 and don't mind these things, myself, but not everything is suitable for Alistar.

I'm not immensely picky with grammar, but I expect some effort to be put in to keep things punctuated and spelled fairly correctly. I'm mildly dyslexic, so lack of punctuation really throws me for a loop. Thank you~ [Also, feel free to correct me on anything I personally miss grammatically, I don't mind <3]

C: Taking Flight by Maulise
C: Taking Flight
Sketch commission of their character for PhoenixShadow of Lioden. Was rather fun to work on a fox critter, and I haven't worked on wings in a long while, haha :3

I did promise I'll start uploading again~ Will try and keep active this time ><;;

Art (c) Maulise
Hey guys, guess who's finally drawing again? xD In case anyone even watches this account anymore, I'll be submitting new stuff in the next few days! :3

In the meanwhile, KingApollo and I have started a collab adopt account, Apollisim ouo

Check out the first cute bab we uploaded, maybe even give them a new home :D

Curly Insomniac Adopt OPEN by Apollisim

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