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C: Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty by Maulise
C: Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty
Another LD sketch commission, this time of a user's kitten~

Art is mine ouo
C: Taking Flight by Maulise
C: Taking Flight
Sketch commission of their character for PhoenixShadow of Lioden. Was rather fun to work on a fox critter, and I haven't worked on wings in a long while, haha :3

I did promise I'll start uploading again~ Will try and keep active this time ><;;

Art (c) Maulise
Hey guys, guess who's finally drawing again? xD In case anyone even watches this account anymore, I'll be submitting new stuff in the next few days! :3

In the meanwhile, KingApollo and I have started a collab adopt account, Apollisim ouo

Check out the first cute bab we uploaded, maybe even give them a new home :D

Curly Insomniac Adopt OPEN by Apollisim
Seraltid Feral Reference (NDBM) by Maulise
Seraltid Feral Reference (NDBM)
Hey guys, guess who's back from the dead? >n< I finally got a new HP that can actually pull my art programs without freezing up, so I should be back to all the artsy stuff and updating my page soon c: For now, welcome Seraltid c: Not sure if you recognize this guy, but I've had him forever, he used to look like this, though he'd been changed pior to that iteration cx:… Yeeeeah. He got revamped a while back, and was on my page as a welcome banner if you can remember that cx Finally commissioned a friend recently to draw him up a proper ref, and I adore what she came up with ^u^ I'll be posting his human form soon, as I'm planning to get it done by the same person c: Also intending to get all references for his son, Matteo, finished ^u^

Self-explanatory, but this guy is my baby, and I expect that to be respected. No, he is not a design for you to use for your own devices, private or commercial, you cannot use him as a character, or trace this art.

Basic Information

Name:  Seraltid Lesley-Hope Kaprass

Nicknames: Sera, Kitty (by Nate), Grumpy, Papa (by his son, not technically a nickname), Lesley-Hope/Lesley/Les (bad idea; don't touch this can of worms xD)

Gender: Male hermaphrodite (outwardly fully male)

Sexuality: Gay

Feels attracted to: Males

Marital Status: Single

Race: Druid Elf (light) x Cat Daemon

Animal Species: 
 Leetah (Amur leopard x Cheetah)

April 5th

Positive Qualities: Intelligent, Selfless, Attentive, Protective and caring(of his son), Creative, Independent

Negative Qualities: Workaholic, Obsessive, Antisocial, Low self-esteem/self-worth, self-doubting, unable to rely on others, life completely centered on his son (and helping his former lover's family)

Species Age Appearance: Adolescent/young adult (1 1/2 - 2)

Human Age Appearance: Early to mid 20's, looks older when overworking/not rested

Actual age: 39

Health: Physically healthy. Has problems with insomnia, PTSD episodes(sexual and emotional abuse when younger)

Scars: Minor scarring all over his body, generally not visible; large, somewhat ugly scar under his navel in humanoid form, fur is slightly sparser in the area when shifted

Things of note: All of his longer fur (primarily his ruff) is curly/wavy. Spends a lot of his time shifted when not working. Claws are normally retracted, but can 'lock' in place for higher speeds when running.

Seraltid is mine <3

Art (c) :iconencune:


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